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'Coaching and Mentoring to sky rocket your business'

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Why us?

We want to work with businesses and business owners that understand the benefits of working with a business coach and see the process as an investment and not a chore or necessitiy.  We want you to come willingly on the journey with us.
We want you to feel empowered and motivated, that you are in the process of tranforming your business to a new level of achievement, we want to see you grow as well as your business, to see the smile re-appear on your face as things start to turn the corner.
More time, more profit, more doing the things you always enjoyed doing in your business, less of being an employee and the person who picks up all the hard chores, time to get you off that hamster wheel.
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Why us?

What we do

One key reason is that we will deliver results for you its that we are passionate about supporting our clients and providing the kind of coaching support that will help you to grow your business.
Some of our clients have won or been finalists at prestigous business awards due to the increase in their growth, defined business plans and objectives for delivering the best services in their class.
We drive you, the business owner, to achieve elevated growth and optimum performance. We provide you with expertise, knowledge and accountability that gets you working more effectively and efficiently than you would on your own. As coaches we tell it like it is, we listen, we challenge, we support and we celebrate our clients’ successes.  We have a suite of coaching tools to support us in supporting you.

What we provide

Benefits to you and your business

  • Business coaching
  • Business education
  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Financial management
  • Marketing and sales expertise
  • Systemisation
  • People management
  • Effective mindsets
  • Accountability
  • Personality profiling
  • More revenue, cashflow and profit
  • More time and worklife balance
  • Effective goal setting and planning
  • Systems and processes to streamline your business
  • Improved team performance
  • The opportunity to think strategically away from day to day operations
  • Accountability
  • Top level experience and expertise
  • Mentored and coached by experienced business owners
  • The opportunity to learn from other-like minded business owners

BIZphit-Coaches can help you to achieve your potential by identifying barriers to growth and providing tailored support that fits your needs,  including coaching,  business development consultancy,  mentoring,  training and development.